Gosh dang Script Error >:(


Well this has seriously annoyed me now. I try to test out the game and all I get is the script error. Even before this though, the game would never load, just be stuck on the loading bar. Please help. (Coding below, this is WIP so don’t think this will be the entire game)


// Specify the list of scenes here, separated by commas, with no final comma

nav = new SceneNavigator([



// Specify the default starting stats here

stats = {

gender: Unknown


// Specify the stats to use in debug mode

debugStats = {

gender: Unknown



*comment I’d like to make this bold. Any idea how?
Operation Night Hawk


“Overlord, unit 1 in position” whispers Captain James while pressing his
headphone deeper into his ear, “Copy that, out” replies the sizzling
voice. The rain spits on your head, it’s hard to not get distracted but
you keep your eyes jammed on the road 10 floors below you. The slummy and
neglected building provides you no shelter against the strong wind you
feel like…….

#You are going to freeze to death, even though your masculine body stays jammed to the gound
*set gender “Male”
*goto scouting
#Your weak feminine body will float away any second now
*set gender “Female”
*label scouting
You pick up the binoculars from the wet floor and board them against your
eyes. You skim the streets while setting the binoculars to night view.
“Enemy convoy at 7 o clock” says Captain James, quickly your head jerks to
the North West and through the pebbles of rain drops on your binoculars
you can see an enemy truck hindering on the road. “Keep eyes on” says
Captain James while cautiously looking at the road. “Another truck at 4 o
clock” you manage to croak, Captain James takes a peek to confirm it “you
take that truck” he says. You see a person walking out of the truck secured
by 10 soldiers around him, “someone came out” you report to Captain. “Same
here” he replies, they enter the building in front of you, together.

\*goto_scene NightHawkTwo


*comment I haven’t been given this scene yet, so here’s a filler

You walk off a bridge

It does nothing and you die
God saves you by taking you to heaven, so you died


Put “” around unknown also use lower case for file names.

To bold something its title


Okay so now it is trying to work, but google chrome says it wouldn’t allow the game to play. It suggested using another browser, so I tried internet explorer and got a message box saying “Permission Denied”
What do I do now?


I would try firefox or something whenever I run CoG stories in chrome or IE I get the same messages


thank you, that is exactly what it was


hey being a woman don’t make you weak and frail that’s sexism


This isn’t my game, I’m coding it for someone else. The other discussion you posted on, now that’s my game.

Also this topic was solved, anyway to delete it from the forums?


the mods will do and sorry


Glad your issue is resolved best of luck Xmas


so what do you guys think about my writing any feedback so far… do i need to be more descriptive…


@hyperguy Weak and Frail women!!! X( that’s the moment I normally stop reading a book :frowning: or post please don’t use that sexist terms is like I put
#Being a brute violent brainless male

Please put like the beauty body of a young female or the blurred forms of a feminine something not offensive the rest is well written


oh sorry i dont know much about women good you said that i will change it :stuck_out_tongue:


don’t worry only wondering if I read a weak frail men I like it? that could help or ask opinion to a woman


i changed it to:

you feel like your beautiful hair are about to rip off but they just flutter in front of you


Closing the topic per thread opener’s request. @hyperguy, suggest you keep seeking advice as you go onward… and Mara’s guideline of “don’t use a word to describe [someone else’s group] if you’d mind it being used to describe [your group]” is a good one.