Need help with


Ok, so if anyone could help me with these two things I would be very grateful.

  1. Whenever I try to do a goto to the next scene, I usually get a “the system cannot locate the resource specified”. I know I’m probably doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.

  2. Does anyone know how I could work on my posted game without having everything automatically be updated here. So I could basically post updates when I choose.

*label blah
*goto blah

Make a copy of the file, then leave the file which you gave a link for the game.
Start updating the copied file.


@Aera Thank you very much!


@Aera I’m sorry to bug you, but I’m still having issues trying to go to the next chapter…When I due the goto label it gives me the error “bad label”.

  You’re a cat?!
   *goto cat_roar
 You’re a dog?!
   *goto dog_growl

*label cat_roar
The cat jumped and hit the table.

*label mouse_eats
The mouse nibbles food.

See you might have forgotten the

*label dog_growl

and wrote

*goto dog_growl

Also no caps.

Sorry I’m getting sleepy, hope that helps.



Whenever you get a chance…
I get an error code that says “Couldn’t load URL scenes access to restricted URL denied”


Did you solve the “bad label” issue?

What type of browser as you using?

at the startup.text
You should put it the file names there.


If not then the scenes will not load. Also again no CAPS and no SPACE for the file name


@Aera Thanks for your help so far…

Yes i can go to the page an see the words i typed, however i immediately get the error message.

I usually use internet explorer, but when i tried firefox i had the same issue as well.

so i have the S in Startup capitalized, could that be my issue?


Erm, the files

startup.txt and choicescript_stats.txt

Never mess with it really :smiley: if you did well you broke it.



The s in startup in scene list is capitalized, not the file itself i believe


“The s in startup in scene list is capitalized, not the file itself i believe”

Well change the Capital “S” into “s” in startup in scene list if the file name is written as startup.txt or Startup.txt


See the difference now?



My advice NEVER use caps and spaces in code, always jinxed it, and start give errors even if in theory you could use in some places, could cause weird errors .


@Aera I was correct in needing to change the capital S into a little s, as you suggested, but I have the same problem…


@MaraJade is right “NEVER use caps and spaces in code”

Still can you post the error or even the file so that we can help you better lols :">

I’m getting a little confused by your problem.

The file can have a different name when you typed it so it cannot be seen at all.


@Aera With help, I fixed the problem with the file so it works now!

Thank you!