Issues with *finish

I posted this in my game thread, but I decided to post it here to see if anyone knows a fix for this.

I have noticed that when reaching a *finish line in startup, the code works as intended and sends me onto the next scene, but the other scenes I attempt to use *finish on just send me to the replay screen instead of the next scene in the scene_list. This has required me to use *goto_scene instead of *finish. Not the worst thing I could have to do, but it is kind of frustrating that I have to write a longer code because the *finish isn’t working as it should.

Anyone run into this before? Anyone know what is going on to cause this bug?

First, have you made certain your *scene_list is in the correct order, everything is saved, and you’ve refreshed the page you’re testing in?

Yes to all of those.

Even if the scene_list was in the wrong order, *finish should still take me to the next scene in line, which it does not after leaving startup.

Does anyone know what is going on? I really could use some help with this…

When *finish doesn’t have (or can’t actually find) a “Next Chapter” to load, it defaults to the “Game Over” options as if you had used the *ending command instead.

It sounds like that’s what’s happening here, so the first thing to do is check that all the scene files are saved in the correct place (…web\mygame\scenes) and that the startup file in that folder is correctly listing all those scenes in its *scene_list. It’s easy / common enough to accidentally save stuff in the wrong place, or even to have two copies of startup.txt and to actually be editing the wrong one…

Beyond double-checking this stuff, I can’t think what else might be causing the problem you’re having there.

[Edit:] P.S. If you’re using capital letters for scene names in *scene_list, change them to lower case.


Odd. I have been using capital letters in my scene_list since I started writing and this only just started giving me an issue. Going from startup to Class even worked with a capital letter. But after changing the capital letters to lowercase everything seems to be working as it should. Thanks a bunch, Vendetta :slight_smile: