I have a question about *finish

Okay so by using *finish you move onto the next chapter. I get that but I don’t understand how that works properly. On scene_list you decide on the next scene it will go to. Thing is this is a choose your own adventure game. So in the previous scene you have multiple endings. Is their a way to have different finishes that lead to different variations of the next chapter or something? Sorry if it’s a dumb question.

Sadly finish only bumps you to the next chapter on it’s own. Many people use that as a natural point to bring the story back together, and cut down on the level of complication for the writing. However if you want to begin the new chapter in multiple places just create an ending variable such as ending1, and then in the new chapter begin the chapter with *if ending1 *goto beginning1. If that makes sense.

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Yep that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

Or you could end a scene using *goto_scene (with different scenes specified) instead of *finish. There’s nothing mandatory about the *finish command.

I never use *finish unless the player dies, I use goto_scene as it make it simple to jump to what ever page they need to goto. I also do not use scene_list.