Finish command problem


I’ve recently started working with choicescript and I ran into a problem with the finish command.

When I use it at the end of my first scene, and then open the game in firefox, it seems to be treating it like a page_break command. It takes me to the next scene, but instead of displaying “next chapter,” it’s displaying the usual “next” button.

I’m sure this is a simple problem, but I just wondered how I could fix this. Thank you.


Hm. If you click that “Next” button, does it proceed to the next chapter regardless?


Yes, it does. I’ve also tried changing the label and it remains the same.


Would you mind posting your code so we can take a look to see what’s wrong?


Well, I don’t think this problem’s a big deal.

Anyway, try typing the command in this format:

*finish [title]

the [title] placeholder can be replaced with any words. These words will then take over the place of the usual “Next” word.


It isn’t super important, I just think it would look better if it was clear that the chapter ended here. Regardless I was just curious, so this is my code.

"Well $!{name}, I think it's about time for us to head back to base. The sooner we warn them, the better."

The two of you pick up the backpacks you brought and take one last look around the cabin for anything that is left behind. You find a photo on the floor next to your cot, and realize that it's a picture of you and your best friend on the playground when you two were in middle school.

Do you keep the photo?

    *set photo true


Do you have your scenes listed in your startup file?


Yes, they don’t have to include file types, do they?


You are correct; file types are unnecessary in the *scene_list in your startup.txt.

What happens if you test the suggestion @Szaal gave, and add a custom description to your *finish command? Something like this:

    *set photo true
    *finish Next Chapter
    *finish Next Chapter

As an alternative, you could do what traditional books do, and include your “Next Chapter” information at the beginning of the next chapter, rather than at the end of the previous. Perhaps a single page at the start of the chapter with the chapter number and title in bold, separated from the rest of the chapter by a *page_break command?

I suppose it may depend on how important the chapter change should be to your readers. A “Next Chapter” button is less intrusive (but easier to mistakenly overlook) than a “Next Chapter” title page. I know I, personally, usually remember to read the “Next” buttons at the bottom, but occasionally forget.


No they dont have to include file types but the files should be .txt and of UTF-8 encoding
And like @Szaal said you can type anything you want in the place of next.


That’s entirely intentional. If you don’t want a page break, use *goto_scene instead.


Thanks for all of the help. I think I’ll just do what you said @Minnow and make a separate page for the following chapter. I doubt anyone would notice the difference anyway.