Is therer a way to end a scene without ending a chapter?

Hello All,
I’m new to choicescript and to programming in general, so there may be an easy answer to this that I just don’t know.

Is there a way to end a scene without ending the chapter? I’ve got a number of shorter scenes, each of which ends with a choice. And I’ve currently got each choice ending with either a *finish or a *ending. And they are working as expected. But is there anyway to condense the scenes together?

There’s *page_break

Also you can add text on finish and page_break to replace Next Chapter/Next

*finish And Now This
*page_break And Now This

And as for choices:
You dont need to end choices with finish.
Goto and labels will do:

      (Insert stat setting, flavortext etc here)
      *goto thing
      *goto thing2

*label thing
*goto next

*label thing2
*goto next

There’s also *fake_choice, which does not need a goto


That’ll do it. Thank you so much,

Also, you can look at other people’s code (if the game does something you want yours to do) by adding


behind the url when playing on browser and go from there.