Help with 'hiding' chapters or choosing which scene to start with?

First off, what I’m trying to do is, in the end of one chapter, you choose to go either way, to one side or the other, both different chapters. However, I’m having a bit of difficulty making it so that the other side’s chapter doesn’t show up when you’re finished with the first one. Is their a solution to ‘hide’ this second chapter?

Another problem I’m having is, I have a choice within a choice, so to speak. When you choose one side, you also choose one person to work with, and it’s supposed to start the chapter off with that next person.

I suppose I might explain it easier this way

Do you choose side A or side B?
Who do you choose it with?
End Chapter.
Next chapter
Person A does this
Person B does this

And my problem is is I can’t get the chapter to start with either person A or B. It’ just does A, or gives me an error. Right now I’m kind of just screwing around in choicescript to help me figure everything out before I get to the actual game, as I’m not particularly the best when it comes to figuring out this stuff, but so far this is the only thing that has stumped me.

If I had the choice I’d just go about it lazy and do an *if with one relationship’s person over another and go from there. If I have to, I’ll figure out how to do so by messing with the relationship stats… But if there’s a way to keep from doing this I’d be grateful!

have you tried using *goto_scene ? It can go to different chapters. See the wiki for more information

That helped perfectly! Thank you!

Though, about the ‘hiding’ chapter, still? Is it possible to just go through and end the story before it tries to go to that chapter?

Use *ending . see intro to choicescript for an example

Right, right. Think I confused myself on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. If you want to add a character that doesn’t completely change the story, and he/she only adds extra dialogue, use a Boolean/ true-false stat.

  1. In startup, put
    *create met_persona false
    at the top. You can change “met_persona” to whatever name you want. Put
    *create met_personb false
    under that.
  2. Set the variable true when the person is met ex:
    -#I choose person a
    –*set met_persona true
    –*goto_scene A
  3. Use an if statement to show the bonus dialogue.ex:
    *if met_persona = true
    -blah blah
    -*goto normalStart(or whatever the label name is)

Thanks, that was just what I was looking for too!