First time coding EVER, need help


well i am very confused with this but i am determined to finish atleast one game.
things i cant figure out:
how to add a new scene and where it gets placed
how to make an option add stats
how to give a name choice
how to have different options send to different scenes
everything else

screenshots would be very helpful


Have you looked at the tutorial on the main site yet?


yes i have but i dont like the examples or the way they explain things. I still cant figure out how to have a different option go to a different chapter

I want each finish to go to a different scene, but i cant figure out how

here is my mygame

nav = new SceneNavigator([



Ah. You’re doing the nav right. But to move between chapters, you should add this command:

If you still have problems with it, or if there are choices leading to different chapters, add this:

So it would look like this:
*goto_scene militarybrothers

To make an option add to stats, you can use either use the + or equal signs. For example, you have a Fun stat. If you want to set Fun to 3, you can either use the equal:
*set fun = 3

Or addition:
*set fun +3

To give a name choice, make sure you first have a name stat. Let’s call the stat “name”.
*input_text name


the *goto_scene militaryfriend command did not work

edit: nvm got it to work :slight_smile:


now how would i get that name to repeat throughout the story


Assuming the stat is called “name”, use:


how do i make the stat “name”


In your mygame.js file, you will see the lines “stats = {” and “debugStats = {”

Under those two, add “name:” and a default value. If you wish to leave the default value as a blank, you can add this behind: " "

That’s a pair of quotation marks with a space in between. I’m not sure if it has any effect, but make sure the arrangement of the values under stats and debugStats are the same just in case.


so will it look like this?

“name:” " "


i have the default name as Egnar and this is what i have

,name: “Egnar”

the ${name} command works fine but if i were to choose to make my own name i get a script error

edit: problem solved through trial and error


You should expect to do a lot of trial and error at this stage. I know I did.


yeah just one thing,

*goto_scene militaryfriend

keeps giving me an error, i could go *goto_scene only but it wont count as a new chapter


Is your txt file name also called “militaryfriend”? Check for spelling errors?


its spelled correctly


Try removing the *finish command. That is telling it “this is the end of this scene, move on to the next one in the list” (militaryrival, by the looks?) so your *goto_scene line would not even be reached.