ChoiceScript helllppppp!

I need help with choicescript just started it today, so I have a few questions.

  1. I need help with making stats. No idea how and I ve read the thing about six times.

  2. Help with making choices, same issue.

  3. How do you change the title?

Pleaase help, thanks


Have you read the wiki?

Have you looked at the code of other games to see how they do it?

I liked CS_Closet’s tutorial. I’m not sure how up to date it is anymore though


  1. You create the variables for your stats in startup.txt
  2. You then call these variables in choicescript_stats.txt

When giving the player a choice, you usually follow this pattern.

  1. *choice
  2. Then start each choice with a #
  3. Then describe each choice in proper indentation.
  4. Make sure to end each option in the choice with a *goto or *finish

Go to web/mygame/scenes/ and open up startup.txt.
The very top line is *title Blah (just replace Blah with your game’s title.)

Thank ya proff