New to this forum and really need some help with scripting

Hi, I’m new to this forum and love the CoG’s. I’ve looked around and seen other games and must say I’ve liked them. (Also I hope I’ve put this in the right category, sorry if its not!!) I really want to make a choice game. I’ve downloaded the files and I’ve seen the help. It really isn’t helping me! I have gotten on it once but since closing it I am having no luck finding it in the files again. Can someone help me with finding it as well? When I managed to get on it overwhelmed me and I’m not sure what to delete or what to keep. Its really confusing :confused: Can anyone help?

There’s some help in the ChoiceScript Google group, but it’s buried so I’ll put a paraphrased version here:

(This assumes you’re using Windows; I know next to nothing about Macs)

  1. Open up the “dfabulich-choicescript-e45124a” folder.

  2. Open the “web” folder.

  3. Copy the “mygame” folder and name it the title of your project.

  4. To take a look at the sample game, open “index”.

  5. To start your own game, open the “scenes” folder and delete everything but choicescript_stats.txt.

  6. Go back to the previous folder and right-click the “mygame” script file. Select “Edit”.

  7. Find where it says “nav = New SceneNavigator”

  8. Erase the names of the scenes you just deleted.

  9. To make a scene, open a new .txt document and start writing. Save it to the “scenes” folder.

  10. Edit the “mygame” script file again. Fill in the scene name you just made.

Some pictures because I think this is rather confusing:

Hope that helps!

It did, thanks. I’ve done that and made 2 files. I’ve used the names that are already done (“Startup” and “Death”) How can I add text to it, etc. Also, with the stats bit, how do I change it to how I want? Sorry, again I am new to scripting and finding it quite confusing.

On ChoiceScript in general:

On stats:

Thanks. Would it be ok if I message you some of my scripts if they don’t work? I’d like some help if I can’t do it.

Think I can do it alright now, might still want to message though.

Yeah, that’s fine, though I’m certainly no expert.

Neither am I, so my stuff will probably quite basic. I’m sure you can help with that :smiley:

Just tried it out with a test of sorts… It came up with an error message when I clicked index. I may try to re-do a test.

@EvilNorton lol just so you know…atleast 20%-40% of your writing will be typing codes… lol “I need Bengey” (Arthritis Lotion) is what your going to be saying after long hours of typing… :slight_smile: oh and welcome to CoG…check out my CoG on the discussion titled “My New CoG Bushido Code”

Will do :smiley:

@EvilNorton If you post your error message, most of the people on the forum will readily help you if figuring out what when wrong. Just as a note: Try to use Internet Explorer lauching the game, as Firefox garbles the error reports (and Google Chrome doesn’t work unless the game is actually loaded up on a web site).

@MouaThug That really is a matter of what you’re tracking. I’m sure “The Trouble with Wumples” doesn’t have more than a handful of lines that are actual coding (although 20-40 is probably a good estimate for games on the same complexity level as CoV and CoR/I).