Help! with everything

Ok so I started working on a game and its crazying me crazy. I cant get the stats set up. Also what is the very beging have to look like? With the nav=nav thingy? And the varables are… girrr help before I rip my hair out… please

Well you technically don’t need to mess with the nav=nav thingy :stuck_out_tongue: with the latest version.

The only thing your going to be playing around with is the:


I think I have the old one then… :’(

Then my friend you can easily download the latest one at CoG :stuck_out_tongue:

Start by making sure you have the latest version:

Within that folder, go to “startup.txt” in dfabulich-choicescript-1325fa9/web/mygame/scenes/

That file starts with

*title My First ChoiceScript Game

*create leadership 50
*create strength 50

Change the title to the title of your game. Change the scenes in the scene list to the ones you want in your game; maybe to begin with, have everything in startup.txt. Change the variables (currently, just “leadership” and “strength”) to whatever you want your variables to be, and create as many new ones as you need… and then start writing.

Ok, Thank you bunchs :smiley:

I cant get the new version off of my phone :confused:

Yes you can lol.

First go the cog official web and use a Downloader app. You cant download directly without a app.

Download a file manager app too to deal better with files

And a text editor

With that probably you could manage badly. A dropbox app and a firefox app are useful too.

With all this you could code exactly like a pc , but are you sure you want code in a phone? its more work i could assure it

No i dont wanna code on my phone. What i ment was i cant get off my phone an on to my pc. I just have to download it to my usb… if i can find lol

Lucky you i have to code without pc :(( You will do fine with a pc.

I m sorry…

Nah im ok, its not your fault after all ^^ Code in phone has its charms. I recommend you read the choicescript wiki. and visit choiceofbox page very useful links articles

I was on there earlier, and it was so confusing!!

How do you do gender??

How do you use dropbox???

Dropbox… There are some evil things in this world and dropbox is one of them

I am working on laying out the choiceofbox, you say it is confusng. What can I do to make it less so. I am working towards it being very easy to use and understand.

As far as gender

Basic script:

Hello, can you define if you are Male or Female.
 #I am Male
  *set gender "male"
  *set greeting "lad"
  *goto greeting
 #I am female
  *set gender "female"
  *comment or
  *set female true
  *set greeting "lass"
 *goto greeting

*label greeting 
Welcome aboard ${greeting}.

As far as help with dropbox look under common questions on choiceofbox, this should help

Well i had hated dropbox for having the maintenance and deleting some of my files so /:slight_smile:

Still to use the dropbox @GrimReaper21 is easy just copy the public link and paste and whala done.

If you already have dropbox account and downloaded it to your pc, phone, tab really anything, then:
Enable the “Public folder”
Enter that folder.
Copy your game’s “web” (or whatever name you changed it into) folder there in the Public folder.
Wait until it uploads with the green check thingy.
Right-click your index.html files and click the dropbox public link.
Paste (Ctrl + V) the link and whala!
Everyone who clicks the link can play your game!