I recently started a game in choicescript on a friends computer. I copy and pasted it to an email and sent it to myself. When i copy and pasted, it didn’t work! Help!


Have you got Choicescript on your PC. By that I mean did you download it from the website?

Yes from Github @Nocturnal_Stillness


okay what did you copy and paste the game into? It needs to be a txt file (use notepad++) and make sure you put them into the scenes folder in mygame.

actually when you copy and past then all the indents disappear from all the files so all your files do no have indents so i am afraid u will have to redo it

unless you are willing to re add the indents but that will be very confusing and time consuming because you will have to put indents in even mygame.js and all the other files that were downloaded from choicescript

i am not sure if this is the case but that is what happened to me when i copy and pasted
for me the case might have been that my laptop went haywire cause that only happened once

If they are still on your friends computer get them to put it on a USB drive and it will keep its indents

I regularly transfer copies of my .txt files between my phone and laptop without issues.

@akatsuki9344 actually, mygame.js is now optional as *scene_list (this has to be in startup.txt) and *create can do everything for you!

well that only applies to the player wit the new version of choice script but i think that it is already complicated enough i don’t think i can handle all these new things for the new choicescript plus i am too lazy to update. Over the time i was away i have gotten really lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, thanks guys. There wasn’t very much anyway and I was planning to change it so it’s ok.

just be sure the indents are the problem check the files and check if there are spaces if there are then the problem must be something else and you might not have to redo it