Help Please!

hi I just got a new laptop and I want to make a new game and I was wondering is it possible to use 7-Zip/ChoiceScript on window 8.1?

Yes, I’m doing so now actually.

@Arcania thanks also do you have any idea why when I try to make a new scene file it says it’s not implemented?

Yes I do. @fox_vixen At the top of your startup.txt file. Underneath your *title and if you have *author is your *scene list you must add the name of each scene in the list and in order of how they appear. The name of the scene should match how you name the scene file. If your still confused on that I can help you further here or in Inbox.

@Arcania THANKS you’re a life savoir wow I feel really stupid for not figuring that out!

@fox_vixen Hehe I try ^_^, glad I can give back to the community that has helped me so and continue to do so in these harsh lands of choice creations.