Why does it keep going to the end scene? (RESOLVED)

Greetings all!

I have been playing CoG for a while now, and I want to write my own story. I am using Notepad++ the basic standard because the other one is even more complicated for me. Anyway… I have 1 scene written out, 1 choice… then I have another scene written out.

However! It keeps going to the ending right after the choice… I’m so confused o.O

Would appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

You have a *scene_list which includes both startup and the second scene’s name, and put a *finish at the end of the first scene?


Ohhh Wow!! I think I get it now… Lololol I feel stupid =P xD Thanks a ton!

For that second scene, do I have to put a label? Or do I have to create a folder for that? Or how does it get to that second scene? o.O

your scene list should include each scenes name

the scenes themselves should be in their own text document taking care to ensure the name on the scene list and the name of the text document match exactly

an example of this can be found in the initial download of ChoiceScript

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Oh, huh… Ok, I kinda get it. There’s gonna be a lot of those then… Do I always have to have a *finish after every choice? Then it proceeds to the next scene?

There will be quite a few but it will also help keep you organized if done properly. As far as the *finish, that’s used to go from scene to scene. You CAN use it after every choice but it would make for a very choppy story and not to mention it could be very problematic to code that way.

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I would recommend taking a few moments to google for ChoiceScript videos on youtube. There are a lot of resources that already explain it better than I can right now. They will likely help you out more than me rambling on.

Huh, okay… Thanks 4 the info! I’ll at least be able to write my story now. And unfornatuely, I already tried the tutorial videos on YouTube; they’re aren’t too many of them as you may think… =/ Thanks again!!