Help for a complete n00b? ^^;

Hello! Sorry to make a nuisance of myself (since this is probably just an ID-ten-T problem, but I couldn’t see it answered anywhere else), but I’ve just downloaded ChoiceScript for the first time, and I’m having trouble getting… anything to work. Like, it’s completely different to how the tutorial says it should be: the file wasn’t zipped, for one (although maybe that’s because I’m using a Mac? yeah, I know embarrassingly little about computers haha), and whenever I try to run index.html I get two error messages; the first one says “Couldn’t load scenes/startup.txt. The file is probably missing or empty.” and then the second one reads “Couldn’t load URL: scenes/startup.txt. NetworkError (DOM Exception 19): A network error occurred.” I’ve checked startup twice and everything’s definitely in order there (as far as I know, anyway), and I haven’t touched any of the text in there, so… what does this mean? Again, I’m very, very new to this, so I’m really sorry if it’s something super obvious haha ;;;;;; thank you!! :smiley:

Are you opening it with Firefox?

Also, from where did you download it?
I think on github(?) It’s in separate files, so maybe you did not catch all if you got it from there

@ashestoashes018 no, I’m using Safari; the wiki said it should work on that, but if you reckon Firefox would work better, maybe I should try that, thanks! :smiley:

@MeltingPenguins I downloaded it from GitHub, yeah; I checked it again the now and everything seems to be in there, but I’m still getting the same error messages, so… it’s weird haha

Mnnn. Delete the stuff you downloaded. Might be that things are in the wrong place.
Of you go via the cog page you should get the direct link to the zip file

And definitely use firefox. It’s the only browser 100% supported :slight_smile:

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Okay, I dowloaded Firefox and I got it working now, thank you both so much!!! :smiley: right, now to get to the business of actually practicing using it, haha!


Oh, there is also CSide, which is a blessing to many for coding

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IIRC safari has a habit of automatically unzipping folders, so that’s probably what’s caught you out here. Firefox is certainly the best browser option.

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