Error message for web index html

I’ve searched around on the wiki, tutorial and forums and haven’t found an answer to this issue.

I can download the dfabulich-choicescript-cbd9a4d folder and extract the zip file no problem, but when I try to open the web/index.html file, I get this error message:

Couldn't load scenes/startup.txt
The file is probably missing or empty.

I’m using a Mac computer, Safari browser, not Chrome.

One other user has had this issue: "Couldn't load scene file" SOLVED. However, in their case, the files in their scenes folder seem to have ended in .txt.rtf instead of just .txt. This is not my issue.

I’m probably making a really silly novice mistake. Maybe I’m doing the zip extraction incorrectly? I’ve tried both compressing the dfabulich-choicescript-cbd9a4d folder as a whole and the 27 files inside of it, and neither way of making a .zip file seems to resolve my issue.

I’m not quite certain if this is the issue, but perhaps try running the file in Firefox instead?