Please help! Cannot load index.html

Hi all,

I’m looking to learn ChoiceScript but for some reason I can’t load index.html. When I try, I get the message:

‘Couldn’t load scenes/startup.txt
The file is probably missing or empty.’

If I close that, I get this:

‘Couldn’t load URL: scenes/startup.txt
NetworkError (DOM Exception 19): A network error occurred.’

And after that I just get continuous loading. When I tried downloading this with my friend’s windows it worked fine, but I seem to be having trouble with a mac. There must be something really obvious I’m missing!

Any advice on what I’m doing wrong would be much appreciated!

Are you running in Firefox?

No, I’m running in safari

Okay, the public version of CS is only really intended to work in Firefox due to technical issues, so try running that and see if that fixes your problem.

FWIW, I just tried it on a Mac with Safari and it worked. Try the current latest version on github? (But Firefox definitely works, so try that, too.)

I tried it with firefox and it works! Thanks for the advice.

I’m curious as to why it won’t work on my safari in particular, so if anyone has any ideas on that I’d still like to know.