Help with mac


Hey i don’t know if this came up already but how can i get this running on a mac?


All the instructions on the CoG site should work the same in OS X and Windows. Is there something in particular you’re having trouble with? I use ChoiceScript on a Mac, so I might be able to help.


I don’t know whats wrong i just can’t get it to work


You’re not being very helpful with your information. I use a Mac too. I downloaded the ChoiceScript folder from Then I open the “index.html” file in Firefox. It should work.

Editing: Edit the .txt files in the “scenes” folder and your changes should be visible. You can create new .txt files, but you’ll have to include them in the startup.txt file by name, and save them in the right folder. You’ll also have to run index.html from the right folder so that it knows where your scenes are.