Testing my game. How to do it using a mac?

Hey so I’ve just finished my first chapter and before I begin to write the next chapter I want to make sure I know how to test my game. As of right now I’m clueless. I’ve read the webpage CoG has but the explanation on how to run the game on mac wasn’t very clear and slightly confusing. The main problem I’m having is that I don’t seem to have an ant command in my terminal on my mac. If anyone knows how to fix my problem I would appreciate it.

~A worried Beginner

The only way to do it currently is to open the .HTML test files in the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.
The bat files will only work on Windows machines.

Ok but both tests seem to be linked to the orginal mygame folder and I can’t seem to link them to my newly made game folder.

@curreylo I now use the original mygame\scenes folders just for testing purposes, and copy-paste whatever version I want to test straight into there.

As I use different versions for different purposes, this is easier (and probably less prone to error) than having to change a setting for the tests themselves each time - which may be one reason why that’s not an option.

Ok so far you guys have been great at answering my questions. I just have one more. When I run the quicktest.html it says

ReferenceError: changeAuthor is not defined "

I have no idea what it is talking about when it says changeAuthor.

@curreylo ChoiceScript was recently updated and now includes an *author command for startup.txt, so that sounds a likely culprit. There’s an example of use here:

@Vendetta I use the author command properly and get the same thing on every quicktest. I think it might be a bug in CS.

@DSeg Ah, thanks for the heads up. I guess that makes it one for @dfabulich to look into.

@DSeg So there isn’t really a way to successfully test using quicktest?

Replace your current quicktest.html with this one (save as):

This is now fixed in the latest ChoiceScript on github.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: