Comfused about running the tests on Mac?


So far I’ve been testing everything I’ve written by hand, which hasn’t been a problem since everything I can do at the moment is pretty simple. I’ll need to run quicktest and randomtest at some point and right now I have absolutely no idea how to do so. All I’ve been doing so far is clicking on anything that says “quicktest” or “randomtest” and getting nothing from it. It would be much appreciated if someone could step me through running the tests. Also, please use everyday terms to explain it because I don’t do any other type of programming or computer-related things. As I said in the title, I’m using a Mac. Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help.

Sorry if this is explained somewhere else, I either couldn’t find it or couldn’t understand it.


Can’t remember off the top of my head but if they’re .bat files - they won’t run on a Mac. Not much you can do about that I’m afraid.

EDIT: Yup, they’re .bat files, sorry but you’ll have to make do without or get someone with a windows machine to test them for you.

I’ve never - ever - to date used the test files and had no errors I couldn’t iron out in good time, if you’re careful and methodical with your code you should be fine without them.


Ah, okay. Thanks anyway. I’ll probably end up bugging the crap out of my friend until she agrees to test what I write for me :stuck_out_tongue: