Help with Quicktest and Randomtest


Hey there.

I’ve recently just finished a game that I have been working on but whether it be something that I’m doing wrong, or whether Randomtest and Quicktest is not completely compatible with my screen reader, I am unable to run these tests on my game. As a result, I’ve had to manually go through every path in the first few chapters, but it’s getting quite difficult to do so in later chapters.

What I wanted to ask is: would one of you wonderful forum members have enough free time to run these tests for me if I sent you my files?

It would be greatly appreciated and I would forever be debted to you.


Hi, I can help you out, if you want. (Just PM me)

Which device do you use? Computer, phone?


Aah. :relieved: You savior. That would be great. Do you mind messaging me your email as that would be the easiest way of sending over the files?


You’re welcome.

Sure, right away :wink:


I use a laptop to coat the game, but I’m currently using an iPhone.


Just a wild thought; You did compile your game before testing, right?


Dumb question I’m sure, but how do you manually test the game? I’ve been trying but I’m new to this and not entirely sure how to do it :confused:


Click on the folder with all your choicescript folders and select the quicktest or randomtest html file. (Ideally open with firefox it seems to have the least glitches on a PC).