Just looking for some help with quicktest. I’ve read through the help page on this website and looked at youtube videos and other forums about running batch files but I just can’t get it to work. I get the command prompt to the directory containing quicktest and then type in quicktest as instructed and I get this:
(directory then:) >java -jar js.jar -w -opt -1 -debug autotest.js
‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I’ll admit that quicktest hurts my brain. I don’t use it, I just manually check everything and hope it works which I know is far from ideal.

Have you read http://choicescriptdev.wikia.com/wiki/Automatically_testing_your_game

And http://www.choiceofgames.com/make-your-own-games/testing-choicescript-games-automatically/

in my phone works great without any problem i only put work the quickest.html and it works automatically. I never open any bat file i don’t need it with the new choice script. But i haven’t pc so i can help you but have you got new cs?

Aha! Yes Marajade’s right. I was just looking it up since I remember there being mention of a quicktest.html file. Just open that up, it makes everything so much easier.

What browser is that with? Just Firefox?

no firefox in my phone i use a generic html reader

All I get is “Loading…” and then it hangs there.

Anything but chrome. Firefox works.

i get that problem too until i fix ny setting with java script i use a good file manager edition

thanks guys, had to get firefox, doesn’t seem to work with IE or chrome.

Doors quicktest.HTML need to be in a specific directory? I can’t get it to work on either of my Android devices.

For android download file manager app is free and its the one i use

Well, I don’t know why quicktest.HTML won’t work on my Android devices, but it works perfectly on my PC. And I love it!!!

THANK YOU @MARAJADE!!! =D> :x >:D< :-bd ^:)^