Hi, folks!

I’m trying to run quicktest from a Windows 7 command prompt, and I’m not having any luck! I know I’m in the right directory, but when I type “quicktest,” I get the following error:

java -jar js. jar -w -opt -1 -debug autotest.js mygame
‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I admit I have no idea what’s going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

An issue with your Java installation or Windows configuration most likely.
If you’ve got Firefox (or don’t mind getting it), I’d recommend using the quicktest.html file instead.

Thank you, CJW.

quicktest.html only works with Firefox? Do I have any other options?

No sorry, not at present, it’s either Firefox and quicktest.html or the .bat file.

Okay. Thank you. I will think about installing Firefox.

Okay, this is a dumb question but, how do you run the Firefox quicktest?

I clicked on the quicktest.html and it just opened a Firefox tab with a “loading” screen and never did anything.

No idea it works fine for me. Except the day i mistake my no data cs folder with the one i have the game . But i hardly doubt you are so dumb like me to make so stupid mistake.

I’m afraid that I may have accidentally moved a few files/folders around when I first started. It’s weird. The “tests” subfolder has only JavaScript files which apparently aren’t the ones we’re supposed to use.

I’ve been trying to click on the quicktest firefox HTML in the main directory but nothing happens. It just opens a Firefox tab and says “loading”

I just tried the randomtest firefox HTML in the main directory, and it did pull up the options to click (show text, scroll to bottom, etc) and I clicked for it to run but now its just a blank tab.

Do I need to drag these tests into my web or game folders for them to work?

The tests should run in firefox itself.

@Nocturnal_Stillness, okay so how do I open the tests? I’ve been trying to open them through windows explorer.

Right click on it and choose to open it in firefox

@Nocturnal_Stillness, yep I did that numerous times. I even tried to open it through the Firefox browser on the pull down in the upper left corner of the browser. I am sure I am making some sort of stupid mistake but for the life of me I’m not sure what it is.

@HornHeadFan The auto-tests can only test game files located in


not if your files are located in e.g.


@Vendetta, a million thank you’s! That has to be it!

And how did you know I had renamed “my game?”

@HornHeadFan You’re welcome.

Nothing sinister (or sadly, even vaguely clever) about my apparent omnipotence - I just looked at your public WIP link and took a wild guess… :wink:


@HornHeadFan -the link you provide for your games gives it away. If you take a look at yours in your Community College Hero game, you’ll see it say web/crimefighter/index, and where ‘crimefighter’ is, is usually ‘mygame,’ though that’s just one way to take a look

Haha, I was thinking holy shit, @Vendetta hacked me! No not really but I did assume something vaguely clever! Thanks to you too, @Babisko!

I’m off to try to run the test now! This was very productive time for me as I sat here during an oil change.