So I have been told that I would do well to run my game through quick test.
Firstly, as I have not used a quick test for a while, where would it be located in the Choice script main download folder folder? Also, if I remember correctly the reason I did not use quick test was that when I tried running it it kept giving me a script error. Does anyone have an idea on how I would go about fixing that?

It’s located in the main folder for the game, and which file you’ll want to open depends on which program you’re running it through. In my case, I open the quicktest.html file via Firefox, and run it there; but for randomtest I need to open the randomtest.command file and run it through the terminal, because it won’t work through Firefox on my computer. (And neither will work through Chrome for me.) So this may depend on your browser, OS, and so forth.

OK, I found the quicktest and it opens fine in Firefox, although when I try to run the game file, I uploaded just the folder, in this case “the pack”, it said that it couldn’t find the quicktest.HTML? In the folder selected. The only other 2 quicktests are a command file and a java script file. I am confused. Unless I deleted it at some point?