Autotest Won't Run


I would post an actual image of the issue I’m getting, but I’m not allowed to post images as a new user. I’ll attempt to explain the best I can.

I resolved the Java issues some people have when they try to use autotest, but a new issue has cropped up. I use cmd and cd over to the directory containing my game (I’m using, btw). I then try to run quicktest.bat or randomtest.bat. I get this error:

js: “autotest.js”, line 52: uncaught JavaScript runtime exception: ReferenceError: “mygame” is not defined.
at autotest.js:52

I’ve found nothing on this on the wiki, on the main site or through googling.

I can’t get the html files to work either.

Anybody able to help?


Alright, this topic is hella dead, and I know I shouldn’t bump this, but I think I should just mention how to solve this problem.

You’ve probably renamed the original file “mygame” to something else. Change the name of the file back to mygame and it should work.

It worked for me.


Thank you. I have never understood why this error occurs, and so I appreciate you helping me. I haven’t seen an answer elsewhere, and so I hope the mods don’t mind us bumping this, as it could be useful to someone. I’ve had this occur several time to me.