Quicktest does not work for me

I use a Mac, so I’ve long accepted that Randomtest is not a real option for me. (If you ask it to print anything, it will scroll eternally, and has other problems.) But when I first started coding in ChoiceScript, I was able to use quicktest to catch game-breaking bugs.

For a long time now, it hasn’t worked at all. If I try to use it (quicktest.html - nothing else works on EDIT: *my Mac) it says “Loading…” but never does anything else. I believe it first broke when I tried to write a game for a contest (after working on my first game for awhile) so could it be a problem with two versions of choicescript on the same Mac?

I tried to submit this as a bug awhile ago but it was never figured out. Has anyone else seen this, heard of this, have any idea why it’s happening? It’s almost impossible to code without any kind of bug finder.

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That is a puzzle. I’m a bit surprised; I’m nearly always on Mac and the only times I’ve ever had trouble with Randomtest were because I had coded a loop by mistake.

I use a few different Mac computers as well (a couple of laptops and an iMac, depending on where I am). I’ve never had any trouble with Randomtest or Quicktest when running them via Firefox. On the much older Mac, I sometimes have to run 1000 iterations of Randomtest or fewer at a time, lest my computer give up the ghost, but it still worked.

Are you using the current OS and current version of ChoiceScript?

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Wait, so what does ant quicktest and ant randomtest do for you?

Quicktest says “Loading…” and never does anything else. It used to work for me, if I used the .html version.

Randomtest has known problems with Mac, but used to work if I didn’t ask it to scroll to the bottom and/or show full text. Now, if I try to run it, it shows the first screen with options, but whatever I choose it goes to a blank screen and loads nothing.

Edit: I used to have an older Mac, so that might be why I used to have problems with Randomtest. I used to blame my old Frankencomputer for the code problems. At this point, I just got a new computer, and the problems have persisted. I just tried downloading fresh versions and adding only my scene files, kept having problems, and thought I’d ask again.

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Try running it through Terminal. Open the terminal, cd to the same place quickest is, and run ant quicktest. If there’s an error with quicktest loading, that should create a much more coherent answer as to what’s going wrong. Just knowing that it hangs when loading doesn’t really tell me much that I can work with. (Specifically, if I try what you say, I don’t have any problems.)

I had the same problem happening with me two times, but on a pc. On the first time I had moved the quicktest files to another location, the second time I have no idea of the problem, so downloading it once again did the trick.

But yeah, the problem was the same. It worked just fine and suddenly it never passed the loading phase.

I work on a mac too. Broadly quicktest and randomtest have worked fine.

1/ I’ve had an issue with randomtest reporting the wrong line numbers. This only appears to occur when the code its been reading has been overly complex.

2/ You’ll already know about the incompatibility of testing with save functions. So I won’t go into that.

3/ Loops are a good place to start (linking travel locations together is an easy way to cause one). Unfortunately, they’re easy to spot in randomtest, but that doesn’t sound like an option for you.

4/ I’ve experienced freezing and occasionally browser crashes when pushing said overcomplex code through randomtest, but I suspect that’s linked to my mac’s age and you’ve said yours is new. My issues seem to have been resolved since I revised the code to simplify it.

5/ Oh, and I have multiple versions of choicescript on my mac. This doesn’t appear to have confused it.

I’d be interested to learn what the known issues are for macs.

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We developed ChoiceScript on/for macs; if quicktest/randomtest didn’t work, we’d be in big trouble. But I mostly use the command-line versions ant randomtest and ant quicktest. If the HTML versions are slow, I can investigate improving them.

  1. If you can give instructions to reproduce, I’d be happy to take a look to see if I can’t find what is going wrong.

  2. The command line version should have less problem with this (as there is significantly less overhead).

  3. So long as each instance is kept seperate, there should never be a problem with multiple versions.

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Thank you for the offer, I’m not using that code anymore, so I wouldn’t wish to waste your time. :blush:

I didn’t know about the command line version. So that’s a lovely tip to learn.