Testing ChoiceScript


Hi everyone!
I am aware of the fact that this topic has been talked about here so many times, and I have diligently went through each and every one of them, but unfortunately nothing really helped me. For the record, I am totally new to coding and all the talk about cmd is nice, but frankly speaking, I have no clue how to use it.

So to give you an idea about my problem. I can’t test my game at all. Whenever I try to run quicktest, it only tests the very first game that came with the whole file but it doesn’t test my own game. In one of the posts on here I read to move my game folder into mygame folder which I’ve done but it didn’t change anything.

If there is anyone willing to help me, an utter beginner in coding and dealing with this sort of stuff, I’d be most grateful (^^)


You need to replace the files in the scenes folder with your own game files. Have you done that?


Wait… there is a quicktest :open_mouth: how come i never knew about this :stuck_out_tongue:


Definitely try this. Also FairyGodfeather, I found your tutorial thingy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We need more people like you. *sheds tear



I can’t actually explain it though since I’ve never actually run the tools.

@Dark_Jester You’re welcome.


Right. Got it. I’ll try that out and see if it work.


@FairyGodfeather It worked! Thank you ever so much! (^^)