Manual testing of game

Dumb question I’m sure, but how do you manually test the game? I want to test my basic coding is working in combination with my writing and all that jazz - I’ve been trying, but I’m new to this and not entirely sure how to do it :confused:

Assuming you downloaded the files, unzipped them, and saved your game, just run either of the index.html files with any your web browser (Firefox is encouraged, but any browser should work).

There are two programs in the choicescript folder called quicktest and randomtest. If you run those in firefox they’ll point out any coding mistakes they come across. Which isn’t manual testing, but is nice to do before sending a game off to your first batch of testers so that they don’t run into errors every other page.

I’m using Firefox, but I only get the text file, just in my browser rather than notepad. I’m wondering if there’s any way to run it as if I were a player so I can check my coding etc.
E.g. if I’m using stuff like *line_break in the best place visually blah blah…

You did originally download this file, unzip it, and start writing your games in it, right?

Yup, thats it. I get error messages like this when I click on mygame

Okay, don’t touch the mygame.js file. If you altered that, you’ve broken things and will need to download a fresh copy (or unzip it again). The only thing you should edit are the txt files in the scene folder, and then run the index.html files. My guide has a walk-through for this.

Right I’m looking through the guide - thanks for the help, I’ll holler if I get stuck again (which is likely).

I use CSIDE now so it’s a long, long while since I had to mess about with actual ChoiceScript files in any way, shape or form, but that ‘SceneNavigator is undefined’ error looks vaguely familiar from way, way back… isn’t that the one for a not-yet- ‘unblocked’ CS .zip? I may be wrong though, been a long while since I’ve seen it!

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Thank you all for the advice - god bless you RETowers your guide has cleared a lot up. I can’t actually compile the game in order for a friend to test it though - any tips?