Won't open; says it can't find the file


I click the index file, and Firefox tells me it can’t find the game. Anyone know how to fix this?


Can you provide some more details please.

Where is the index file you’re trying to open located? Is it the web/mygame/index.html file?

Is this your own game that you’re trying to access the index file of?


Yes and yes–it’s the web/mygame/index.html file, and I’m just clicking it to run the test.


Have you tried in a different browser?
Are all of your game text files in the scenes folder?


I can’t get it to open in a different browser without uninstalling and restalling all of them and resetting my defaults. It looks like everything is where it should be; there are no text files outside of the scenes folder, at least.


Hmm that’s odd. You should be able to use any browser you have to browse through your computer files and open it up.

I take it everything’s unzipped?

I’m not sure why Firefox wouldn’t open the file. What’s the exact error message you’re getting?


Everything’s unzipped and ready to go. The error message is "File not found

Firefox can’t find the file at /C:/Users/Monica/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp1_dfabulich-choicescript-dc95e83.zip/dfabulich-choicescript-dc95e83/web/mygame/index.html.

Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.".


Is it being in the temp folders what’s causing the issue? Do you have it saved elsewhere?


…It’s sitting on my desktop. How would it be in a temp file?


I have attempted to replicate the problem and I think I know what the issue may be.

I believe you are attempting to access the dfabulich-choicescript-dc95e83 folder from inside the .zip archive.

Open the .zip and click + drag the dfabulich-choicescript-dc95e83 folder unto your desktop.
(Or anywhere you’d like to store the folder.)

You should be able to open the index file then.


Your link is saying temp in it. I know that temp files can sometimes cause that error which is why I was asking.

I’d double check that the path to the file is correct.

@Packet That was one of my first thoughts.


That worked! Thank you! XD