Index Firefox Question


So, I think I’ve got the gist of the basics of ChoiceScript, but I just can’t wrap my head around the Index that takes you to firefox/whatever browser you use. Is it only connected to that one example script and if so, what if I want to work on two different ideas so that I can test things out? Would only one be connected to the Index and take me to the firefox page to check it out (As you might’ve noticed, I have all the programming expertise of a field mouse)


There’s two index.html files: one in the web folder, and one in the mygame folder. The first one just redirects to the index.html in the mygame folder. The index.html in the mygame folder is what starts your game for you. It loads up the necessary JavaScript and ChoiceScript files to run the game, and it is connected to whatever scenes you have in that scenes folder.

So, if you’re testing out several different things, you have two options. First, you can just create different scenes for them. Like if you’re testing out an idea you had for an inventory system while working on a story, you can put the inventory system in a different scene. Your startup.txt would dictate which scene to run. So if you were playing with that inventory system, your startup.txt would contain the line *goto_scene inventory where inventory is the name of the scene, and you have a matching inventory.txt in your scenes folder. You can work with that scene, and then when you wanted to return to your regular story, remove the *goto_scene inventory from your startup.txt.

Second, if you’re talking about doing more than one major story at a time, I’ve been using multiple folders. So in my web folder, I could have a fantasy-epic folder, a gritty-mystery folder, and so on, one for each story. Each folder contains all the stuff I need for my game: the index.html, the scenes folder, etc. I haven’t had any problems running my games locally that way.

Does that make sense?


Yeah! The second part was my exact problem! I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t tied down to just one folder, since I’m just starting and want to test out a few ideas I was already writing in a fiction novel format. Thanks!