How do i set up the files so i can play my own game?

Hello everyone. I was just wondering how one would go about making (or understanding, even) the files like index and credits in the mygame folder, or mygame.js(whats that for?). I understand how to code the game itself, but i don’t get the first thing about how to set up the mygame folder… if my question made any sense at all, please help me out. There’s PROBABLY some tutorial i missed that explains everything, but i missed it.

Oh, this should be easy to fix. Honestly I just leave most of the files alone, but the main ones you’ll want to focus on are index.html (I believe that’s the right name, but by opening this file in Firefox, you could play your game.) scenes, this folder is like the organs of your game, without this, there is no game, just the basic example files. I believe both testing files are in the mygame folder or the source file before it, look for the html version when you want to use either quicktest or randomtest (may have messed up the names there but both tools are incredibly helpful once things get rolling, but don’t rely too much on them, they don’t have the human touch that let’s them say “that doesn’t look right” they can only say “it’s coded fine/wrong, so it must be fine/wrong”) so that was the long answer I suppose.

The short answer would be “just open the index file in Firefox and you’re all set to play.”

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You looked over the wiki? There’s a tutorial there.

So i don’t have to make my own mygame folder? I just edit the one already there, because i tried replacing the startup file with my own, but trying to play it gives me an access denied message…

Yes, i looked through the tutorial, but i obviously didn’t understand some of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s best to just edit the stuff they left for you. Also, for someone to be notified of your message, either reply directly to their comment or use an @ symol followed by their name. @AnomanderRake for example.