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I am beginning to write my vary first story/game and I am very excited. However, I am new to any kind of programming. I have carefully read over the introduction to choice script and I have finished writing my very first sample scene. I seem to have a hold on the very basics of using the program but I am fairly clueless to approaching one major problem. I do not know how to play / test my own game. I have wrote the scene in notebook after opening the start up file. If there is any way to preview my game by playing through it I would be very greatful. Please help me :smile:

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Use your browser (anything but Chrome) to open the file index.html found in the \mygame folder. You can also then bookmark it as for a normal web page.

I have opened the html in firefox but a blank page that has only show stats and restart options shows uo. And when I save my scene or any scene and encode it in utf-8 and then reload the page nothing happens. Am I doomed?

The easiest thing to do in your case is simply copy and paste your text into the startup file that’s in the scenes folder. The game starts with whatever’s in startup so just replace what’s there with your stuff. Then go to the mygame folder (in which the scenes folder is located) and doubleclick the file called “index”

when I open the index file from the “web” folder it will say that there is a problem loading the page and that the file cannot be found. when I open the index file from inside the “my game” folder it opens up a blank page with only a show stats option and a restart option. nothing happens if i click either of them. because of this I tried copying and pasting my first scene into the “startup” text document. I then saved it and encoded it as a utf-8. I went back to the index html page and reloaded it and nothing happens. no matter what I do nothing of any game shows up at all. I feel like i must be missing something but I cannot figure it out. i have follwed the sites walkthrough of how to use it properly many times and it is still not working. Would there be any programs I need besides note pad and fire fox to make this work? I am lost

Does/did the sample game work? Is it just your own game that you can’t get working?

neither the sample game or my game are working

Yeah, it sounds vaguely familiar – the kind of thing that used to happen to me when I was starting with this stuff. Maybe somebody’s got a precise suggestion but if I were you I’d download the ChoiceScript zip file again from the website, extract it, then doubleclick the index file. That will open the sample game so you know everything works. Then just switch out their “startup” file in the “scenes” folder with your file of the same name. That’s it. Doubleclicking “index” in the “mygame” folder opens the game called “startup” in the “scenes” folder.


Did you Unblock the file? As @distracteddad says, I’d also recommend grabbing a fresh copy and starting again, and follow the guidelines in the Wikia tutorial:

Thank you so much it works! Finally I can begin working with this!