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So I’m trying to organize my game because its like 90000000000 words long(not really but meh) and I think understand the goto function and gosub, but i feel like I may be missing something. I’ve read a couple guides but they don’t hold my specific inquiry. So ill try to explain my issue.
Maybe I’m being a bit too ambitious, but my prologue has over 200 possible “story lines” and thus far I’ve been doing it in one whole single file. The startup text. I was wondering if I could use the gosub or goto commands to head to another completely different file( If that doesn’t make sense I’m talking like going from the startup.txt into Prologue1.txt) that holds that specific story line. Maybe I just overlooked it or something, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t read any questions about that.

You must be thinking about using a goto_scene command. It makes your code jump to any scene in the scenes folder.

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Bless you, I feel utterly stupid xD. But thanks nonetheless.

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You can also use *gosub_scene to visit another scene file and then *return to the point where you left off. Like *goto_scene, you can also use *gosub_scene to visit a specific label in another file and then *return from it when you’re finished.


Glad to be of help. Good luck with your game :smile:

Here is a link to a cog wiki

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I’m literally crying on the inside. I read right over it when I looked at that guide RIP me.

Wait, wait, I want to hear more about 200 possible storylines set up in the prologue.

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LOL, so before I revamped it I calculated all of the possible story lines based on the choices that could be made. I had 5 prologue choices. After that i broke each down into whether you’d have a brother or sister. So 10 there. Then it was your gender and I had 6 gender choices i wanted to do for each as well. That makes 60? Every gender choice had 4 moral choices. Then came 2 ways to go about entering this monastery, and after that you were presented with 5 choices on how to get a door open, or how you would charge into battle. Then 5 more when fighting a viking. After that you chose how you would confront your captors, then (trigger warning for any reading) what kinda of body type you had when a slaver assaults you to put in your base stats. After that your father betrays you and you can react 3 different ways. so I had all of those choices for all 5 story lines. I think thats it. I don’t know if it’s over 200, maybe it is, but its A LOT of possible story lines.oops I also forgot before the slaver is a mean person you choose your name. 6 choices there.

If it helps the story line I would have chosen was Prologue 5-1-1-1-2-1-(name)-3-1-1 lmao

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