Posting to dashingdon - error 404?

I’m having trouble with getting my script to upload - their tech support sent me here - I am currently testing it as I go - so is not completed.

Followed the guidlines but no luck!

The error I’m getting is:… 404!! - ‘Our apologies; there was a 404 error while loading game data. Please refresh your browser now; if that doesn’t work, please email with details.’

My code looks like this:

*title: IT job
*author twittertwattergames
You’ve made it in to the world of tech!

How are you feeling? Excited? Nervous? Apathetic?

Yeah, me too.

Its your first day at the big corporate world - How do you wanna play this?

  #Make a big loud entrance and smugly announce that youre the best tech genius in all of the lands, without actually saying that..
   Everyone stays silently staring at their own computers after giving you a look of mild disgust...
      #Quietly head to reception to ask where the IT department is.
   The lady at the desk looks scary, her long bright red, or is that hot pink...? painted acrylics are tapping away on her clinky clonky keyboard with a deafening *CLICK CLACK*, so you decide to leave it and go searching for the department for yourself, with a whiff of cheap and overwhelmingly flowery perfume still lingering in your nose....

It could be a few things
→ Make sure you clear your browser cache, or maybe try a different browser
→ Make sure all your scene filenames are in lowercases
→ Make sure all files are actually uploaded

Cheers fam - moved it all down to lowercase, shall try a different browser now.

So I realised that I have some scenes uploaded (thought that I was just uploading and replacing ffs) do you know how by any chace to get rid of already uploaded scenes? Thanks!

Unfortunately, IIRC its not possible to delete individual files.

If you want to get rid of them you will have to delete the whole game and reupload the files you want to be there.

Btw is the issue fixed?

Hey sorry for long response - Some of my files I realised (scenes) So I am just gunna try and redo it all and I will let you know!


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Nope! no luck :frowning:

Did you make sure to change the *goto_scene commands?
Also when is this error coming up?
Right at the beginning or chapter change?

Right at the begining, in the code that I included, is there meant to be a go_to command that I am missing or something do you think?

No, if that’s the whole code in startup.txt then it shouldn’t be a problem I have done a test run on that.

Yeah that’s verbatim the code that I have.