So I'm ready to post my demo, so how do I send you to the choice "play again"?

Can anyone help me with this?


I have a lot done after the demo that I’m about to post, but I didn’t want to show you guys that yet because it’s incomplete. So, I downloaded another zip file and put the scenes that are in the demo into the scenes file so I can drop it into dropbox and post it here. But, it keeps giving me an error
“couldn’t load URL: scenes/transformations.txt”
But that’s a scene from my original scenes file, not this truncated demo version. I put *finish at the end but the same thing happened.

You’ll need to either define *scene_list or edit mygame.js’s scene navigator accordingly.

Oh, right! I forgot to edit the scene_list. Thanks!

Can’t wait to play it Sam. It’s going to be awesome!

Yeah, instead of ending the game it was giving me errors because I forgot to edit the scene_list to make it fit with the demo instead of the bigger version. I’m glad you’re excited to play it:) I should have it up in about 30 minutes or so.


If you don’t want to have to edit the scene list, you could always use “*ending” instead.

Thanks, I’ll remember that