Game keeps showing end instead of scene


In my game, instead of showing a scene, it shows the end screen and a blank where there should be more stuff. Before this it was originally showing a blank but allowed you to keep going but it changed when I attempted to fix the problem myself. This is in a game that goes back to a place more then once, and the error triggered when I added a third scene that goes back to the linked-back scene. Is this common? Has it happened before? Is there a solution? If this hasn’t happened, I’ll give you guys my game files and you can check it out yourselves.


Have you edited Mygame.js for the new scenes?


If you put it up on dropbox we’ll be able to see the error ourselves. For the moment though it’ll just be guesswork to figure out your problem.


I did edit mygame.js for it. I’ll get it on dropbox as soon as possible and post it here. I was just wondering if it was a typical error or not.


There’s a list of common errors on the wiki (, but I don’t think that’s one.