Help with error, game is taken to beginning

Hi, I’m not sure what it is I’ve done, but whenever I try to work the game into this last option I’ve made (You approach Estelle) it just brings me to the menu play again even though I’ve set it to move onto the next scene. Any help would be appreciated because I’m firmly stuck after having rewritten like a dozen times.

That’s not the beginning. That’s the end. That’s what the end of every Choicescript game looks like. Does the next scene exist yet?

I deleted the scene it kept jumping to and now it’s working, is this normal? Why did it jump to a scene I didn’t specify just for that specific option?

Yes the next scene exists but for some reason it was taking me to a different scene, but only with the link from approach estelle and not from any of the other ones, even though they all go to the same scene.

This specific problem aside, I highly recommend reading Master List: Links for Beginners and selecting one of the development tools or editor plugins from there. They will help you spot and deal with lots of common errors. Coding in plain old notepad will be painful.


Thank you! I’ll go give it a read :smiley:

Just a tip: in the option where you ignore Estelle, you must place the *set social -5 command before the *goto, otherwise the social variable will not change. The *goto command immediately shifts the execution to the Fae_Academy2 label, ignoring the following *set.


The last sentence (“You make your way to your dorm room…”) is not in your code. Are you sure it’s not from the Fae_Academy2 scene?

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Yes it was from the next scene, no clue why it showed up like that but after deleting and remaking the files everything is working properly again.