goto_scene not working


So I’m trying to jump from a particular block to another scene altogether, but am getting this error:

“startup line 84: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.”

Please tell me what I might be doing wrong


Can you post the code up here? It’d be easier to tell you what the problem is that way


from the sound of it, in your startup file you’ve got at least one choice that doesn’t end in a *goto or a *finish


But I’ m using goto_scene instead, shouldn’t that work just as well.
Thanks for the quick reply btw


@Kahtras Are you using *goto_scene on the line after 84? Is it properly indented?


If you’ve double-checked and there are no other problems, you can sometimes fix a broken goto like so:

   #This is an option.
      *goto this_is_a_label
*label this_is_a_label
*goto_scene scene_i_intended

This is what I do whenever I accidentally trip up that error message by including *if statements in the few lines following an option before I get to my goto (e.g., if the text that displays afterwards has to do with whether or not a variable is true.)


Alright, this is sorted now, a bit embarrassed to say but I forgot to put * before one goto(happens to everyone)
Still, thanks for the quick help everyone