Choicescript not accepting input

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong, Error: test line 7: it is illegal to fall out of *choice_statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block
Please forgive my beginner ways :smile:

You forgot to put a *choice command before the hiding options underneath #That’s not any better!

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If you are using choice you need a goto or finish after every single option, not just the last. So after naive and gas.

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When using the *choice command you must have *finish or *goto after each option so it knows where to go. So

    #Choice A
        A thing happens
       *goto nextthing
    #Choice B
        B thing happens

See Choice | ChoiceScript Wiki | Fandom for further information

For any #option to be considered valid it must ultimately end in either a *finish, *goto, *goto_scene or *ending command, and before the next #option in the list. However, it matters not whether this takes place immediately (as in the simple example above) or much later within your extended scripting for that particular #option.

You can get around this somewhat using the *fake_choice command. Fake choice | ChoiceScript Wiki | Fandom


Thank you that scene I had above was just for practice. I got it working :slight_smile: maybe I’ll write a story (not sure if I have the patience to do so but it is fun :smile: )

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