Illegal to fall out of choice statement?


So i have this problem with the
“it is illegal to fall out of the *choice statement, you must *goto or *finish” error. The problem is, that even though i have *goto at the end of the choice, it still displays. (I have tested this with QuickTest so it may be a bug of it?)

  *if Gunshooting = 55
   *goto shuto
 #I try to reason with them..
  *if Focus = 60
   *goto rum
   *goto amnesia


Oh,also, the mesage says that the “I try to reason” choice is the error.


It can be a bit of a butt at times.
But I can spot several problems:

  • the #shoot option has nowhere to go if one does not have exactly 55 in gunshooting
  • the else might stumble over the flavor text. is this the only option that leads to the amnesia label?


The #shoot will have an *else that leads to and amnesia label.
Wait, now it passed.


try replacing the ifs with

*if (gunshooting >=55)
*if (focus >=60)

respectively and see how it fares then.

If the error still pops up, try replacing the elses with

*if (gunshooting <55)
*if (focus <60)


That’s not a bug. The problem is that your *goto statement was walled off behind the *if statement. So when a value other than 55 came along, it couldn’t reach the *goto and simply fell through to the #choice beneath.