Falling out of choice statement even with *goto


Quicktest tells me that “It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block” on line 30 of this part of my code. I must be really tired, but I’m seeing a *goto at the proper indentation–right?

Thanks for being an extra pair of eyes.

*choice  *if jab   *if dieroll > 10    #Jab     You sock him a good one on the nose.     *set e_hp - 5     *goto feedback

 *if surprise
  *if dieroll > 97
   #Surprise him
    *rand surprise 50 100
    *set e_hp - surprise
    You’re a risk-taker by nature…
    *if surprise < 60
     This time, it wasn’t so awesome.
     *goto feedback
    *elseif surprise < 70
     You’ll let this one slide.
     *goto feedback
    *elseif surprise < 80
     This was a decent job.
     *goto feedback
    *elseif surprise >80
     It came off brilliantly today.
     *goto feedback

 *if (opponent != “soldier”)
  *if tenphaser
   #Use your ten-beam.
    It’s a small gun, but it lands its punishment.
    *set e_hp - 40
    *goto feedback

*if jab
  *if dieroll > 10
    You sock him a good one on the nose.
    *set e_hp - 5
    *goto feedback

It might be because you don’t have an alternate option in this part of the choice if the die roll is smaller than or equal to 10.


Creating an *if… < 11 didn’t help (sorry, I earlier replied that it worked, but it was a fluke from late saving). Any other suggestions? Is it because I have so many conditions?


BUT changing that last *elseif to *else worked.

Thanks for the suggestion and thank goodness there was an answer.