Samurai of Hyuga book 4 Save?

No, it doesn’t let me save, should I buy the game again? Or where can I update it? Please help.

Have you contacted

Are you at the end of the book ?
In the finished version, your progress is automatically saved.
You can only save at the end to keep your progress in the following book.

No, I haven’t contacted support I wanted to see if I could google how to fix it so I wouldn’t bother them if is a small thing.

@Azael: Yes, I was able to save book 1, 2 and 3 but when I finished book 4 it doesn’t show up to save just tells me if I want to be emailed when new games are up.

Hi, I would highly suggest messaging their support especially since CoG/HG is very niche so there’s a low chance that you can find a fix for it yourself.

Edit: Also make sure your app is updated as well. This is the latest version of the standalone app.

As @resuri08 says, it’s pretty unlikely you can find a fix by googling. Your best bet is usually to message Support. That’s what they’re there for; you’re not bothering them. And in fact, you may actually be doing them a favor by letting them know there’s a problem.

If you’d contacted Support earlier, there’s a good chance your problem would be solved by now, or at least someone would be actively working on it. I still recommend you contact them, but it’s extremely unlikely you’ll hear back from them until Monday since it’s the weekend.

I’m also dealing with the same problem. If you fix it could you post it here?


we highly advice emailing the issue to their support email. It’s probably an app problem that can’t be fixed by the end user.

Also make sure you have the latest version of the app. See my previous post above.

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I updated the app and it worked

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