Samurai of Hyuga 3 help

Okay so I just bought Samurai of Hyuga book 3 (absolutely loved the first two) but someone please help me!!! I am still on the Baron’s island at the end of the trial when he turns to me and talks about how helpless I am and for the life of me I cannot unlock the first three choices. The only option I can pick is “He’s right. I am helpless.” The other three are use my head, use the Jiguko (can’t spell it sorry) and use spirit. I have made every choice I can think of and they are still gray!
Am I missing something here???

I believe the ‘He’s right’ option is purposefully the only one available.


It’s inevitable. Just click on the “I’m helpless” option and then you can use your spirit animal to defeat the Baron.
Well you actually have to trick the Baron in his own lies to defeat him. So when you get an option to enter text write “Face” or chose the opinion including “face” to beat him.


He’s right.

…sorry, bad pun. This is done for “dramatic effect”. Author likes using game interface as tool for storytelling purposes(like this one, or changing stats screen).


Since this topic was opened, I wondered… during the last parts of the game, during the tournament, you’re given the choice of using “your mind” or “your spirit” to fight. In my second playthrough, I picked “your mind”, which ends up with asking a text-prompted answer… except I’m not even sure what the question is, which is pretty frustrating. Any tips?


Exactly, I have the same doubt, and if I write the right word, will it change the fate of my student whose name I won’t mention to avoid spoilers

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Nope, he dies no matter what.


Fuuuuuuuuuck, thx for telling, what about RO’s? I got the impression that there was only one available

I think the ROs at the moment are Toshio/Toshie and Jun/ko. Then there are characters you can flirt with (Hatch and the samurai) and have a sexy time if you want to (Momoko and the Baron). Masa has a huge crush on you, but the author is evasive about them.


I figured as much, thanks again, just like the previous games, i loved this one too, the story simply gets better and better.

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You can also chose write ring, I didn’t even know face was an option kek.

If you think that part’s tough, wait til you beat the Baron. That’s when it gets good, and that’s where I’m stuck. ><

Really? I been crying for days trying to save him :weary:

Should I be less attuned? Because my character has gotten so soft and can’t fight to save her life. Ugh

I think no matter what. We really can’t since we lost the ability due to the Baron’s magic. I think that was Devon was aiming at to push through a character development for our Ronin.

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If this is Ige nothing you do can save him but you can save Daisuke/Keiko if you want. The guide is on Devon’s website

Momoko is only available for Sexy Times and not Romance? And here I was going to make a save where the MC tries to love and maybe even marry her while dealing with the regret that he’s the reason she lost her tongue. I figure since Jun/ko cuts it out either way the MC should at least screw around and/or take responsibility for the monster their former colleague had become.

That’s quite a shame… EDIT: Improper spoiler tag…

You have to understand that the series is not yet finish but I think that the conclusion of our Ronin’s romance with their chosen RO will be address in the end or on the last book with probably some developments throughout the remaining last three books. That’s what I theorize anyway.

What IS the right word? Plesse help

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There is no correct word. I think the author mention that Ige always dies no matter what you do.