Samurai of Hyuga Achievement Question

I’m going through Samurai of Hyuga again, and enjoying the playthroughs. However, one Achievement seems to be eluding me.

If anyone can give me a hand with the That Just Ain’t Right (Ch. 4, 5) achievement, I would appreciate.

I do realize some Achievements may require to have certain attributes at a high/low enough level.

I have an achievement guide for the first Samurai of Hyuga here:

I’ll make sure to make a guide for book 2 soon.


Thanks a bunch!

Now with Book 2 out, I really need to get some fanart done as well :wink:

I have played through the game a couple of times but one thing has eluded me many times.

In the first book how do you ‘Use the Strike of Non-Thought’ against Hatch near the end of the book?

Thanks :blush:

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Iiiiiii don’t think you can, to be honest.