Samurai of Hyuga 1-3 best character build

I’ve tried to get through all three SoH games before but I only now have the time to properly sink into them. My current plan is to go for a impulsive, perverted, charming, protective, fitness MC but I’m not sure if that’s the right choice to make and I have no idea what spirit animal to choose, I usually go chipmunk cause its funny and I value protection but the powers you get in the final battle of book 1 are pretty lame and I’d prefer the light armor in book 3.

Are there any preferred character traits that give the best dialogue and character development? Any specific combinations that make a good, fun character? And any preference on spirit animals? Also can someone please explain how attunement works cause I don’t understand it at all, is there a guide on how to keep attunement at 100 or do I just need to guess and restart whenever I get it wrong. Any advice is approcisted and sorry for the inconvenience.

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It boils down on how you play your MC. It’s very hard to provide a build, which is almost non-existent and doesn’t need it to be honest. The 100% attunement is not required and passing above 50% attunment (IIRC) is the only requirement to pass some stat checks.

Also, playing to your character strength is the key point here so for example, if you choose a charming main trait. You have to choose a charming response.


There’s no “best build”, all you have to do is pick a personality and stick with it. In general, it might be easier to pick all the… let’s say extrovert traits, since they’re usually more obvious. A Charming+Perverted+Brutal+Impulsive+Drifter might have an easier time staying at near 100% attunement (without needing to always reload) because all of their choices would be glaringly obvious most of the time.

… On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommand picking a Stoic+Impulsive ronin if you’re aiming at a 100% attunement run. It’s what I did, and it’s always hell to guess if a choice is testing you on the Charming/Stoic axis or on the Impulsive/Calculating one.

That being said, as far as I know, staying at 100% attunement doesn’t give you anything. I happily settled for a 80-90% range, and I don’t think it locked me out of anything.


I suppose build is the wrong word for it xD just wondering if there are any personality traits that people found the most enjoyable, purely based on personal bias, I more want inspiration. Also I know 100% attunement isn’t required but I’m a bit eccentric, also what if there is an achievement for it in a future game, unlikely but still.

I totally get what you mean. I replayed each instalment for like thirty times, constantly restarting every time I made a ‘wrong’ choice just so my attunement could stay at 100%. My main MC is charming + perverted + brutal + impulsive + protective, since I found that path to be most entertaining and to my tastes. I also did a few playthroughs with the opposite stats, but I remember it not really doing it for me, so I stuck to the personality mentioned above. This spirit animal I picked was Wild Boar, though Firefly could have worked as well.

I enjoy “blind” playing SOH and just seeing where the story takes the character. One of the few text games where I do that, hats off to Devon. As far as the spirit animal I remember getting the Firefly and not really having a choice to pick anything else. Is there a quick guide to how you unlock or lock each spirit animal?

Afraid not. After Book One where Toshi/Toshio reads your Samurai’s palm and you get to pick your spirit animal from your highest personality stats, that’s that. You can’t go back and change it from there, I imagine. You’d have to replay Book One and fiddle around with the stats in order to ‘unlock’ other Spirit Animals for subsequent books.

Hmm, that’s strange, I remember having the choice between the four traits I was aligned with. Maybe you need to be in the high 60 / early 70 in any given personality variable to qualify?

On my latest playthrough I picked the Akita because I figured it would foil nicely with Jun/ko’s wolf spirit animal. But, in general, I tend to like making things more thematic than they perhaps ought to be, so,
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Some really good suggestions, I really like the Akita idea for the spirit animal but I also really like playing a perverted character xD I did consider firefly but it locked me out of being able to save momoko myself as well as punished me for chosing some of the protective dialogue options, so it’s tricky to keep attunement up.

What kinds of powers do you get for each spirit animal during the final battle of book 1? My first choice was the chipmunk which gave me super climbing and… Squeaking? Which was pretty lame.