Hyuga Series help

Should I be worried about the attunment? Does it actually do anything? Every choice I make it drops.

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Look I’m going to be honest: SOH is the most railroaded HG ever made, so far that I can call them traditional novels with some alternative scenes or lines (and often said lines basically tell the same thing with a slight different tone).

That been said if you want to raise your attunement watch out for your dominant stats and try to be coherent with them


Attunement only makes a major difference once in the entire series, it checks for 20% in I think chapter 11 in the first game, so you don’t need to worry about it and you might as well forget it exists

It very much matters as it allows you to use Spirit based abilities. And I’d suggest making better choices. If you play as a cold and calculating character then make chocies in alignment with those ideals. Occasionally the choices are a bit confusing though but you get a ton of opportunities to boost it back.


Not really.
But if you’re a perfectionist, all you need to do is choose actions or dialogue that align with your Ronin’s traits

It really doesn’t matter asides from near the end book 1 but unless you go against your stats a lot you’ll never get low enough to fail.