Samurai of Hyuga guide


Anyone with a guide as to Samurai of Hyuga?

I’m trying to go along a savior path but I keep screwing it up somehow.


I’ll be honest… I don’t seem to remember that there was a Savior path for SoH. :thinking: Would you care to elaborate on it?


I’d like to remember the one word for The final scene when I can choose my spirit animal or say a word.


I made my own guide by trial and error, and only really for the personality I mainly chose.
But it was on my laptop, which died.

It’s not really that hard though, if you don’t mind playing a game several times in a row, and writing down the result everytime you make a choice… :blush:

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I’m aiming for a good guy route, I saw the ‘savior’ term on the introduction.


…Do you mean a guide for Achievements? Or just a general one? Because there is this one.


Made a guide sheet of my character for SOH 1 and 2 (still working on number 3). I’m willing to share it


I remade mine as well, so I have a guide to playing Calculated-Chivalrous-Charming-Protective-Finesse, for all three games.