Samurai of Hyuga guide


Anyone with a guide as to Samurai of Hyuga?

I’m trying to go along a savior path but I keep screwing it up somehow.


I’ll be honest… I don’t seem to remember that there was a Savior path for SoH. :thinking: Would you care to elaborate on it?


I’d like to remember the one word for The final scene when I can choose my spirit animal or say a word.


I made my own guide by trial and error, and only really for the personality I mainly chose.
But it was on my laptop, which died.

It’s not really that hard though, if you don’t mind playing a game several times in a row, and writing down the result everytime you make a choice… :blush:

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I’m aiming for a good guy route, I saw the ‘savior’ term on the introduction.


…Do you mean a guide for Achievements? Or just a general one? Because there is this one.


Made a guide sheet of my character for SOH 1 and 2 (still working on number 3). I’m willing to share it


I remade mine as well, so I have a guide to playing Calculated-Chivalrous-Charming-Protective-Finesse, for all three games.


please share it with me


ok i get to work. my stats are:
spirit: alligator


I wouldn’t mind a guide as well thanks


i’m fixing up my book1 guide and then book 2 later. i’ll finish it quick as i can


ok what next choices do you make and everything


Sorry for the delay. Here is my guide
Book 1

  1. choose any gender
  2. I’m no samurai
  3. no I won’t play a part
  4. a blushing bride in full bloom
  5. since you’ve displayed
  6. …nothing more
  7. choose a name
  8. I remained seated
  9. finally
  10. I don’t appreciate
  11. if you’re hungry
  12. I stunned it by slamming
  13. stop acting like a child
  14. I won’t burden her
  15. see what happens
  16. I answered
  17. do you have evidence
  18. my way
  19. use the sword
  20. let her go
  21. I’ll let my steel katana
  22. it’s the perfect hiding spot
  23. my job is to worry
  24. I’m not worth getting upset over
  25. my methods are efficient
  26. I can’t read
  27. I can’t let you
  28. she’s my charge
  29. actually, I could us some directions
  30. no, I won’t fight like this
  31. hm…
  32. [look at him]
  33. I’d end up getting
  34. [let masami answer]
  35. how will we know
  36. [don’t ask]
  37. I don’t appreciate
  38. my first job
  39. one at a time or all at once
  40. [attempt to redirect his spear]
  41. [blow out the candles]
  42. bridal-style
  43. lead the way
  44. [jump down]
  45. [don’t]
  46. one deceit after another
  47. I think
  48. choose a hair style
  49. what? why?
  50. I have my reasons
  51. alligator
  52. [go out and help her]
  53. [I’ll grab something sharp]
  54. [hold him down]
  55. [hold him down]
  56. you’re right
  57. does the emperor
  58. toshie
  59. finding a doctor
  60. it seems as if the solution
  61. [let masami reply]
  62. [proceed to shrine]
  63. it’s worth investigating
  64. [pound his face into the pottery]
  65. I don’t have time
  66. I’m sorry, hatch
  67. there’s no reason
  68. [attack]
  69. [get in the way of the dart]
  70. how’s your cough
  71. hatch, you’re an idiot
  72. [don’t]
  73. my life is my own
  74. sorry to disappoint you
  75. [yell for help]
  76. [call out for her]
  77. she’s going to take
  78. hatch
  79. left
  80. I want to
  81. [talk]
  82. [talk her down]
  83. me
  84. you’re not alone anymore
  85. it’s…imperial business
  86. I’ll be able to protect her
  87. and I apologize
  88. step aside
  89. [push her away]
  90. I’m sorry
  91. I’m returning shiroyama’s
  92. [say nothing]
  93. and I’m just supposed
  94. [shake head]
  95. my job is to worry
  96. I used my own technique
  97. piercing palm
  98. [jump]
  99. I accept
  100. I am [your name], the sword who cuts the heavens
  101. [check if momoko is alright]
  102. you contracted me
  103. hashimoto
  104. [refuse gifts]
  105. the red panda
  106. I’d end up getting
  107. I like to think toshie
  108. I’m your bodyguard, remember
  109. I’d fight for my own ideals
  110. my katana dismembered him
  111. go
  112. [avoid him]
  113. is that…so
  114. bring in the shinto sohei
  115. [alligator]
  116. may you find peace
  117. drag momoko to safety