Samurai of Hyuga Book 5

Samurai of Hyuga Book 5 is out!

The most epic entry in the series awaits. It’s time to retake your role as the toughest ronin around: a title that will be tested more than ever before. Like a banished demon spat out of hell, you return to Hyuga deranged, twisted, battered, and broken. How will you survive, much less protect what little you have left?

The odds have never been steeper against our hero, nor have the stakes been higher. The journey before you is long and brimming with danger, but it’s not one you have to walk alone. To veteran readers: brace yourself. And for anyone new…good luck!

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Choice of Games website: Samurai of Hyuga Book 5

I know I’m nobody’s nanny, but as a health warning: this is a very long story. I know a lot of choicegame readers like to finish a new game in one sitting, but unless you’re a speedreader or a speedrunner, I strongly recommend taking breaks throughout.

As always, please make sure to use spoiler tags—and thanks for playing!


Let’s goooo!!!



YESSSSSSSSSS! I’m as excited as I’m scared :eyes: But I want Hell to swallow our ronin again, thanks, we’re in dire need of a rescue…


sorry to ask but i wanted to buy the book on steam but steam says " this game is not available in your Country ( i´m from Germany ). Is this a bug or will it not be available on steam in Germany ?



I bought it and got a small bug, I dont see any of the images for the portrait.
I’m on the omnibus app.


So pumped for this! You have truly outdone yourself :raised_hands: Now just have to finish replaying book 3 and 4 and jump to book 5 asap


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Is this for the omnibus on android or apple?

Thanks !

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Because of the laws in Germany, Germans can’t access Book 5 on Steam. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s out of my hands. I’d recommend trying a different platform.

Happens to me on omnibus Apple too!

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thank you for the fast reply . I will buy the game on a different platform steam will not stop me to buy this great book/game :smiley:

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The portrait issue will be addressed shortly. The issue is that the faces folder wasn’t placed in. Unless you want to be surprised by your portrait selection (lol), just wait a bit for the fix to be implemented.

This is my sixth book, and I’ve long since accepted the truth that something will inevitably go wrong during release. Sorry for the inconvenience!


we from Belarus and Russia cannot buy anything. Wasn’t it possible to make a purchase in the book itself!? only in this case we can buy

Google Play purchases are not supported in your country . Unfortunately you will not be able to complete purchases .

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For some further info:

@MultipleChoice Just out of curiosity, why is it marked as Adult-Only on Steam but “PEGI 12 • Sexual Innuendo” on Google Play?

@Daria_Art It’s not much help but this is Google’s statement on why:

I don’t know if it’s convenient for you, but you should be able to purchase and read it on the official Choice of Games site here:


If google play purchases aren’t supported in your country, the best alternative would be to purchase and play from the choice of games website itself.

From my understanding, the rating on Steam was done for an abundance of caution. There are games on Steam that feature very explicit adult content, but don’t have that rating.


Looks like the portraits are now working on the omnibus, at least for Apple. The update push probably restarted your games: sorry about that! Hopefully no other big issues reveal themselves!


Woot! Back on my favorite path of self destruction! Off we go!


I always forget about the text inputting. Anyone know the word when searching the zen garden for the hidden compartment in chapter 4?

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Finally finished reading.

I have…many feelings about this one. Feelings I can’t properly articulate tonight cuz I need sleep, but in a nutshell…

I liked this better than 4. Like, way better. Hmm, except for that ending. Tf was that lol. Like I know cliffhanger endings is a staple in this series, but this one is the worst so far hahaha

And here’s one more thing that frustrated me lol. For such a lusty woman (at least that’s how I play her), the ronin sure is dense to not see that Masashi’s got it real baaaaaad for her during the dream scenes. Like honey. Why else would a teenage boy make a woman look way hotter in his coma dreams?? :woman_facepalming: Even her effing boyfriend could see it plain as day wtf :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: