Samurai of Hyuga is released!

Samurai of Hyuga is out! A badass ronin with a bloody past embarks on an epic journey through the orient. Get your heart pumping as you face off against the countless evils of Hyuga…including yourself. Turns out there are some problems not even a katana can fix.

Samurais, ninjas, spirit animals—it’s got those. Mature content? Got that too. Reader discretion is advised for scenes of violence, references to controlled substances, and use of foul language. To protect those you care about or to just keep yourself alive—how ruthless are you willing to be? How much humanity are you willing to sacrifice? Just who will you become, ronin?

Check out this game, Fatehaven, and more over at!

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It seems like such a waste of a mature content warning to only have violence and drugs and language. Everything has violence and drugs and language. :stuck_out_tongue:

In there a demo available?

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Yay, finally :tada:
The demo was totally awesome. I’m so going to buy this one.
-Checks self-imposed deadlines-
Ehm, tomorrow…

The demo can be found here: Samurai of Hyuga | Multiple Choice Studios

Nice to see this released. The demo was great.

10/10 Looking forward for more.

I love it! It was awesome! Really looking forward for more, do you have any ETA of when the second book might release? No rush of course, but you left us on quite a cliffhanger ;w;

will we be able to romance our ex-lover again later? … just asking for a friend. sweats))

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@Anya_A Use [ spoiler] something spoiler-ish [/spoiler] (minus that one space)

Thank you so much! I’ve edit it.

noticed a slight glitch in the game after you wake up from the poison dart if you say enjoy jijinto so far kid the following scene has on {mc_husher} death futon instead of the correct term thought it might be good to point that out

Oh I’ve been looking forward to this. I hope I can judge it fairly. I have to admit, I’ve got high expectations going into this game.

This is easily my new favorite CoG (counting both official CoG and Hosted.) Also, loved the last chapter. Book 2. Now. I know it’s unreasonable but… NOW!

On the whole as a current stand-alone review, however. Great Characters, Excellent Plot, interesting but intriguing stat integration and very few bugs. Book 2… 30 seconds ago.


I enjoyed this, I get the feeling it’s linear like Fatehaven was, but there’s some great writing and humour here. I also got the same text error Drakeye did.

Excellent work my friend!
I never saw the demo but once I saw this released I went ahead and bought it before reading the first 5 chapters and I am so happy I was right!

The story is awesome and very well written, very few spelling errors. I can’t comment much since I have done only 1 playthrough but I can’t see anything that is going to change my mind. At first it was hard to get immersed in the story since it was written in first person but eventually I got used to it.
You my friend are getting 5*’s on the app store.

I really liked the book. It is rather nice and something different to play an overpowered experienced warrior, when most of the time the heroes are just starting out or are at a similar “powerlevel”. There is something very satisfying about being so overmatched with the people you faced. And I loved the way you can play your character really different and how the reactions played out. The characters in your group were all likeable and the story surprised me more than I would have expected. Also I really liked the callbacks in the end, to choices you did before…and the check if you read carefully and know where the sun rises.

And even though I liked how you can play your character, I cant really say I liked the attunement system…or I would like it more if I sometimes would know what a choice did. So the book never tells you when you lose attunement and it seems like if you do something “right” you gain 1 or 2 points, but if you choose wrong you really really lose points. While this is ok, sometimes is it really hard to “guess” what each choice is. So I do choose what I think my character would do only to that that my attunement fell greatly. Now I never fell a check for it, so I think I did good enough but still…I think it needs a bit of work.

But overall it was a fine experience, a really really fine one. I had quite alot of fun with this book and I will play it again without question.


loved the game played through it with the snow monkey spirit second play-through as the chipmunk and ended up forgetting myself and coming out of it by the end all in all great game later ill try other options


This is one of the best CoGs I’ve played. The characters, plot, and world are all intresting and enjoyable. However the action and dialouge steals the show, feels like watching a good samurai movie or anime.

Problems that a katana can’t solve? Liar!!! Irs keeping you down? Katana! Problems with opening a pickle jar? Katana! Has a feudal warlord invaded your lands? Katana! Come on now man,how could you underestimate its power? :wink:

Can’t wait to get it. I loved Fatehaven so I’m hoping for another homerun.


Great game. The plot kept in intrigued and I love the characters Momoko reminds me of Megumi from Rurouni Kenchin, what with her being a doctor forced to make opium and the suicide
It also read kind of weirdly to me when there’d be Japanese words (baka, kuso, etc) in the middle of English sentence, even though I know what these words mean. I would have preferred it all to be in English, although the kanji are a nice touch that I rather like.

I also saw the same glitch after getting poisoned, I chose ‘How’s your cough’ and it gave me “I felt like an aged grandmother on {MC_hisher} death futon”


I really, really love this game. I tried to play ‘myself’ at first walkthrough. Somehow game deduced I am impulsive - even when I tried to pick even answers and reactions. At the end my character was perfect ronin for me, grumbling, angry, indifferent to anything but payment but kinda good deep down here and disrespectful to anyone, including Emperor himself.

I liked that game let me deal with enemies without killing through intimidation, callbacks were awesome and attunement system is good. Unexpectedly good. You acted first chapters, you gave your ronin some personality, stick to it, get bonus. Good way to roleplay ‘acting true to myself’ and finding my inner peace.

Not to mention, game felt very tailored to my vision of Ronin, repeatedly praising me for outright rejecting others orders, influence, and even gifts. I don’t even remember outright asking what my character thought about orders, but “Screw you all, I’m no one’s but myself, my path carved by me, so stuff your everything where sun don’t shine.” No orders, no bribes, no rules, no hesitation, only me and my katana vs the world.

Really, really hope for quick game 2 release.

Edit: Whoa! Same guys who made EPIC Fateheaven. You are GOOD with gamebooks.

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OMG I stayed up all night to finally get this game and I was not disappointed, the writing once again was very captivating. I dunno how but you managed to get me locked onto my Ipod screen for 4 hours straight. Honestly I was having a lot of fun but I think there might be some kind of bug.

Not sure if I’m the only one this effected but during the game selecting certain choices would lead the game to stall, I’d have to exit and come back only to find there was no continue button, thus I had to start from the beginning and work my way back to chose another option. I tried to find some kind of pattern but I honestly think it was just random.

Was I the only one that got this?

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