Samurai of Hyuga is released!

Yeah, nothing wrong with my choices, no errors.

I had no problems like that.
Maybe you should try to delete the game and re install it?

Tried that. The same choices still lock up and just refuse to continue. Its really strange seeing as I play other COGs just fine…

Like I said before, I loved this game and gave it 5*'s on the app store, the only question I have is, are there any romance options that I haven’t found?

Also love how part of the dialog changes based on the different stats you have, especially perverted… LOL

And I can’t believe this game costs the same as other games that were released and don’t even come close to the length or quality.

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This is pure awesome. Fantastically written. I have to concur with other posts indicating we need book 2 yesterday :smiley:

I loved Fateheaven and when I heard about Samurai of Hyuga I was so excited. I wasn’t disappointed Samurai of Hyuga is an amazing game with great characters and dialogue. I can’t wait for book 2, so I can finish this great story. I love @MultipleChoice !!! All of your games are awesome man!

What I’ve read of it so far has been great :slight_smile: Nice writing style and story. (Have to finish it soon)

I really love this story so far. It’s so anime-like! (this is a good thing!) - My favorite part so far is the line “That’s the one that killed Gill-san!” XD Although getting a haircut was awesome and great! :smile: -I did find one little gender flip, playing as a female perverted samurai during the part in the beginning where you’re introduced to the Kondo playing part as a groom, it refers to him as a her once during the dinner.

The story gives me a good feel between Rouroni Kenshin, Full Metal Alchemist, and Samurai Champloo. XD I actually can’t wait to play this one a second time around and make different choices and see where it gets me!


Beware! For this statement is the devourer of days!

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I ended up with a chipmunk as my spirit guide, I spent several minutes laughing, followed by several more minutes laughing at the climatic finale. Oh god…I need to stop ruining my own play-throughs :slight_smile:

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@MultipleChoice , here’s bug: . Dunno where to send it , hope you’ll see.

I didn’t get locked out of my phone but I did have it continually crash at one point and refuse to open until I hooked my phone up to wifi then it ran normally. (Also find this happens with choice of romance even though I bought it as well. Not sure why- something to do with the ads maybe?) If you haven’t already, try playing it with an active wifi connection and see if this helps?

@LordOfLA Nice catch… LOL
Yeah i also hope the 2nd part is out soon, however i didn’t see save
your game option at the end.

Glad you guys enjoyed it so much! Samurai of Hyuga strays away from some commonly found conventions in Hosted/CoG games, so I wasn’t sure how the user base here would respond. That question has been answered.

The best way to ensure a Book 2 happens really is to leave ratings and reviews. Get friends who’ve never heard of Choice Of and introduce them to an experience they can’t get from “Puzzles & Dragons”.

I’ll be honest: I’ve started a career in software development during the past few months. I would love to pursue my passion for writing, but there is rent and utilities to pay.

Depending on SoH’s success however, I may be able to get away with working less hours. So just a shoutout to everybody supporting me: thank you. Those 5-star reviews, kind words, downloads—everything matters. And I’d love to get this thing on Steam; those pc gamers have no idea what’s in store for them!


Fancy meeting a Minoru Suzuki fan on Choice of Games Forum XD

Kaze ni Nare!!

P.S: Big RAINMAKER Okada and Swagsuke fan.

@Drakeye @Shawn_Patrick_Reed
Thank you for those finds! I’ll make sure to fix them in a future patch.

The story is absolutely wonderful! I love the part where you lose yourself into the Jigoku Itto-Ryo. And the yakuza thugs become just numbers. Jun intrigues me- like here’s your personal villain! But how you’ll cram the Emperor’s prophecies into one more book when you’ve only completed one- I think it won’t be done, I’m expecting to see this end up a series…

This story is really good. Without revealing any spoilers, it’s a long but very well crafted story where your stats can influence a situation. I been playing this game for last two hours straight and I’m still not done. When I do get finished. I’d love to re-play it with different choices. That’s a factor what make choices and alternative endings so popular you can re-play it.

It’s the first game I think on here to have some mature content. He comments in his mind how her outfit looks. It’s nothing too overblown. This was something lacking from certain stories. If you can swipe a sword in a story cutting off someone’s head with blood gushing. We are mature enough to handle a romance and flirt in the story every now and then.

I love this game. So much. I’m a huge fan of all things Japanese, so I’ve been looking forward this game ever since I saw it mentioned in the upcoming releases thread. The writing’s really good and I love the dynamics between the characters. Hatch is hilarious, especially when he’s played off the more serious PC. And as for Masami? An adorable little tsundere mage? So. Friggin. Kawaii. Her dynamic with my grouchy, jaded PC with a protective streak he’d sooner die than admit to was an absolute delight to read. Being able to throw the Oni’s gifts back in her face was awesome, especially for my rebellious PC The writing is not only good but can be surprisingly funny (I had a fit of giggles over an achievement of all things. “Someone had to ask” indeed. To say nothing of the non-traditional use of Gill-sama. That mental image had me in hysterics) I look forward with barely concealed eagerness for Book 2.

One final thing. Whenever I read The Sword Who Cuts The Heavens I can’t help but think of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagenn. “Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!”


I’m having the same errors too. Some choices end up in a blank screen and won’t allow any progression. I reinstalled the app and turned off my ipod for several hours to see if I was overworking it. But it appears to be an app problem. Maybe it’s just happening for apple/ios?